Tokyo Student House Online Application Form

Apply for Tokyo Student House

Before sign up for our accommodation, please check the following statements. All of international students are required either 1,2 or 3 options.

1. Do you have any guarantor who lives in Japan? If Yes, you can pay housing expenses by monthly. Please send us an application form via this website. If No, pleases go to No2.
2. Is it possible for you to pay all the expense in advance? (1year or 2 years.) If Yes, please send us an application form via this website. If No, pleases go to No3.
3. Do you agree with using a guarantee company? The rent guarantee company will help you to apply our accommodation. Because they will charge you fees, therefore the expense is little bit higher than original expanse.

Electromagnetic Means Service

we may ask you to make housing contract by electromagnetic means. (Use of Electromagnetic Service company)

Application Process

1.Please send Online Application Form.
2.After you submit the online application form, you are going to receive a registration number via email as automatically.
3.We are going to get in contact with you for confirming your application by email or telephone.
4.Please give us your room request. The rent is different from each room. Ask us for more detail after you submit.
5.After we book your room, you will get an invoice via shipping or email.
6.Please make a payment by due date which shows in the invoice. After the payment is confirmed, a room is reserved for you.
7.As soon as we confirm your payment, we will prepare housing document such as a housing contract, then we will send them to your shipping address.
8.Please sign for the housing contract. And send us back some documents.

Below, we will explain the purposes of use and management of the personal information we received.